Forum GSAH 2021

Every year, GSAH doctoral students present their projects to their peers and a broader public in a forum. This year we are heading into rocky terrain. Imagine a PhD as a mountain: we may begin at base camp, our start for an arduous multi-year endeavour. Still a lot of activity and exchange is going on: will the weather hold, and which routes to climb? But despite all foresight: once underway, one might need to abandon a path or take a shortcut. Maybe the weather is bad, slopes are slippery and dangerous precipices looming – or conditions are glorious, allowing for a quick ascent or a surprising traverse. Maybe fellow students carry ones rucksack for a while, a welcome mountain hut invites for a short rest, or a cable car eases one away. And then the summit, the „end“. But how is one getting back down from the summit, or does a new one pile up right away?

1 June 2022 from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm