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Pavel Borecký

Institut für Sozialanthropologie

Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities
Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies
Walter Benjamin Kolleg
Universität Bern
Muesmattstrasse 45
CH-3012 Bern

Pavel Borecký

Pavel is a visual anthropologist and co-founder of an award-winning research organization Anthropictures, holder of MSc in Sustainable Development and MA in Social Anthropology (Audiovisual Ethnography). Focusing on visual ethnobotany, community building and urban placemaking in post-socialist context, he has carried out diverse primary and applied research projects in Serbia, Peru, Estonia and Czech Republic. Being based at University of Bern as an awardee of Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship, Pavel investigates climate change water-related inequalities in Jordan and experiments with the creation of more-than-human filmmaking methodologies. Furthermore, he serves as a co-convenor of European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) Applied Anthropology Network.

Titel des Promotionsvorhabens

From the Water: An Audio-Visual Exploration of Social Polarization through Water as 'more-than-human' Agent in Jordan


Inequality | Resource extraction | Post-socialism | Post-humanism | Anthropocene | Environmental sustainability | Public space | Audiovisual methods | Media Anthropology | Central Europe | Middle East