Summer - Winter Schools

HS 2015


First, TransPositions responds to the synchronic and diachronic circulation of people, things, knowledge, ideas etc. and the conditions of possibility of its translations, adaptations, transformations in a globally interconnected world (Stephen Greenblatt) – always affected by complex power modalities and by the idiosynchracies of non-human and anorganic actants (Bruno Latour) like animals, viruses, machines, artifacts, materialities, or streams.

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From 2012 to 2015, with the Institute of Advanced Study in the Humanities and the Social Sciences IASH as the leading institute, the Philosophical-Historical Faculty of the University of Bern organizes four international Winter Schools of one week each. Under the thematic umbrella “TransFormations”, the Winter School concentrates on the analysis and shaping of local and global processes of change in its various forms and formations at the intersections of knowledge, history, culture and society.

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